GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing (Glass Reinforced Plastic) offers a long lasting versatile alternative to bitumastic felts for flat roofs. GRP roofing offers several advantages:

  • Inherently inert and long lasting. GRP is a proven technology which has been used for many purposes such as boat building and specialist vehicles for over 50 years. It is UV resistant and does not fatigue with temperature changes
  • Laid seamlessly, eliminating one of the most common points of failure for bitumastic roofs. GRP can also be formed to complex profiles without needing gussets and seams.
  • The finish can be almost any colour you like, including lead and copper imitations, with a gloss or matt finish, and the option of embedding grit to make the surface non-slip
  • A GRP roof surface with a non slip treatment can be walked on, making it suitable for terraces, walkways and fire exit areas
  • More sustainable, requiring less energy to manufacture than bitumastic materials, and lasting several times longer. Also, GRP is laid without requiring to be heated, saving more energy and eliminating a major fire risk. The material is also fire retardant
  • No scrap value: unlike lead or copper roofs, GRP has no value for theft

Vision staff have had specialist training to lay GRP roofing, which is not a common skill amongst building contractors. We also have practical experience of many successful jobs where GRP has been used to replace traditional materials for a long lasting and effective installation or repair. The photos below show a replacement of a flat garage roof.

If you have a project with a flat roof which looks challenging, we would love to hear from you!